Life is Picnic Shoes

Submitted by windupkitty November 18th, 2009

While I’m not convinced that life is always a picnic, I have to admit that it’s nearly impossible to be grouchy when wearing these! These were made within the last 10 years by one of my favorite designers: LULU GUINNESS. Her earlier creations were much more kitschy than her current ones and though her stuff is always out of my price range, tirelessly perusing ebay for used goods has never let me down. I found these for $30 and there’s a handbag that matches them too, which looks a picnic basket with various foods sewn on top of it (I don’t have it, but maybe someday…)…..


3 Responses to “Life is Picnic Shoes”

  1. Allee Willis

    Although always kitschy, newer creations like this oftentimes get too kute for me. I can imagine these get a lot of attention though and if I could ever squeeze my size 11 feet into anything this delicate I’d probably give them a go.

    Happy you found these on eBay for $30. I do the same for my limited-edition vintage Nike Zooms I’m obsessed with. Not lucky enough to find them for 30 clams though but hundreds less than what the hoarders normally charge for them.

    It must feel good to walk around with fruit on your feet.

  2. windupkitty

    @nessa: hahah! thanks! i really dig these and they are fun to wear for sure! i always like fruit as decoration…carmen miranda had it going on!
    @allee: i know what you mean about cute-sie stuff…not my favorite, though i would have to confess to loving disgustingly girlie things at times…i think i was able to not kute these up by just being me…the one time i did wear them and was trying to channel a little sandra dee (feeling pretty cute that day despite myself) i arrived at a bbq and my good friend goes “hey you look like an old coke machine!” …actually not a bad compliment, but yeah, as i’ve found the irish to say, i’m considered “a fine block of a girl”….escape from cutesie-ness has not been narrow!
    isn’t it a bummer when hoarders overcharge? i’m glad you can get your fav sneakers…i love shoes…you gotta have shoes you love to wear on your feet!