“Way Out West” video – Mae West

Submitted by tennwriter November 20th, 2009
mae west


The first eight minutes of Mae West’s album of rock ‘n’ roll, “Way Out West.” Not to be believed, perhaps, but definitely to be enjoyed. You just don’t get that tinny, slightly rock-a-billy sound, or aged film stars, every day.

Where would we put this gem? Under Wildlife and Kitscheries? What is that I smell? Formaldehyde? Poppers? Denture adhesive? Fracas? Here is Mae West, over eighty years old, flirting with the boys in the gym. Too, too much.

2 Responses to ““Way Out West” video – Mae West”

  1. Allee Willis

    Among the most kitschtastic aged cheese on the planet! An absolute must for anyone who has never heard it. The cover is also exceptional, featuring four band mates who I would wager my royalties have never picked up an instrument in their lives. Thank you, as usual, James for the archaeological precision with which you dig these up.