Pulp Kitsch

Submitted by Slazz November 21st, 2009
Certifikitsch Winner

Two items of kitschness for the price of one! Three, if you count glorious spectacles which go with the literature. And you should. And you know it.

The classic tome, I WAS A TEENY BOPPER FOR THE CIA , was penned by Ted Mark – author of “The Man From O.R.G.Y.” Both Ted Mark books are non fiction. I don’t think you need me to tell you that. And no, I do not know what “High voltage sex and spying” is , but I do know if our cover girl was parading around in her underpants like that she couldn’t have come from a decent home – and I just feel sorry for her is all. Wherever she is today maybe she has a better life and a subscription to O magazine. Poor kid.

To the right is Jerome Martin’s THE MARRIED SET. This too is non fiction. The fair-haired woman on the cover has a few physical characteristics that I envy, although I know I shouldn’t: the length of her left arm is mesmerizing. It seems mannequinishly lengthy if not flat out detached from the shoulder. This is of course a sign of a bad marriage; I believe there is a chapter in the book dedicated to this sydrome. Also, please note the fingers on the left hand. Aren’t they white? And isn’t that odd,since this does not match the rest of her skin tone? And since she’s wearing gloves?

2 Responses to “Pulp Kitsch”

  1. Allee Willis

    Did the glorious spectacles come with the literature? Do you wear them whenever you pick these up to read?

    I, of course, love the title “I Was A Teeny Bopper For The CIA”. Anyone who also wrote ‚ÄúThe Man From O.R.G.Y.‚Äù has got to have their writing skills finely honed. As so many of the authors of these pulp novels were actually successful screenwriters, many of them blacklisted, I can only fantasize about the Academy award-winning works that were being penned at the same time.

    I marvel along with you about the length of the left arm of the babe gracing the cover of “The Married Set”. The wrong colored fingers and one chewed off glove seem very organic in this context. If Bubbles the artist had an active oeurvre in the 1960s I would suspect that the artist responsible for this mis-measured limb and other features had consulted with her.

    As usual, I love your writing and look forward to many more of your prized possessions gracing the shelves here at AWMoK.com.

  2. Slazz

    I feng shui my kitsch carefully. These lovely glasses did not come with the literature but were placed there on my part after careful study and hours of meditation. Some say I levitated them into their rightful place but honestly, humbly, I will neither confirm nor deny.

    What I will do isre-read these books with appropriate reverence after your insightful commentary.

    Never a Teeny Bopper for the CIA myself (though I did try), I know many who are menopausal for the Girl Scouts but uninterested in telling their story. It’s really a shame when you think about it.