Toilet Time is Fun Time

Submitted by Slazz November 21st, 2009
Certifikitsch Winner

Guests in our home don’t ask where the bathroom is. They announce their need and urgency compliments of this find, which asks, “GOTTA GO?”

ONE RING… GOT AN URGE alerts all guests that one amongst them is parting the conversation momentarily. “Freshen up my highball while I’m gone, won’t you?” and Good show!” upon emergency from commode apres the resounding tell tale flush are all that’s called for here.

TWO RINGS…GETTIN’ DESPRIT summons all guests to offer guidance and moral support. This may take the form of escorting the needy party from here to there, or standing outside the powder room door to offer the desprit guest words of encouragement.

“THREE RINGS.. TOO LATE! This category is rare, but known to occur. Group inspection is required for proof that the event indeed transpired as declared. Force is then used to eject the alarmee from the premises where they are ceremonially carried into a secluded area to be hosed down or doused with foul smelling musk oil – their choice.

2 Responses to “Toilet Time is Fun Time”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m most impressed that you are from lineage who would have had this hanging in the house. As my home is also my office and a trillion people are here every day I wish I had one of these to alert me every time someone had even the vaguest of urges. The main computer I work at these days is right next to the guest bathroom and every now and then I’m forced to take a break because someone just had a three ringer.

  2. denny

    How did I miss this AND your fabulous profile pic. I am a huge hair-do enthusiast and your bee-hive is top notch! Your posts and hair are winners in my book!