Happy Housework

Submitted by Nessa November 22nd, 2009

I’m pretty much in love with the cover of this record, though I’m not sure how kitschy it is, I think it’s adorable. I especially love how the laundry spells out the title. Side A are cheesy happy songs with vocals, and Side B are cheesy happy instrumental songs. They’re pretty enjoyable though, as far as cheesy happy songs go. :)

The back of it is hilarious. It reads:

This is a collection of happy songs! They bubble with an “it’s good to be alive feeling.” These are songs that give the lady of the house a lift and perhaps if no one’s looking, except junior in his play pen, she may even be seen waltzing about the living room, with her broom or feather duster. Put either side on your phonograph- there’s sunshine and music in a mornings’ chores when you Whistle While You Work!”

There’s no copyright, but the man who sold it to me (for 50 cents) said it once belonged to his 97 year old mother, and that “Whistle While You Work” was her favorite song. He said mother always told him to whistle while he worked so the chores would go faster and be more enjoyable. He told me he replied flatly, “Ma, it doesn’t work.”

2 Responses to “Happy Housework”

  1. Allee Willis

    The artwork is almost too good to be Kitsch but I agree with you it’s gorgeous and I absolutely love how the laundry spells out the title. The whole concept that women should be incredibly happy and joyful while they mop grunge off floors and chicken juice and other vermin ridden substances off counters is so 20th Century. I think people making these albums really believed that gals were born to be in this place and actually had a skip to their walk they were so excited to be cleaning.

    Are the side B instrumentals the same cheesy happy songs as side A except without lyrics?

  2. Nessa

    No, both sides are unique. Here’s the whole listing.

    Side A includes:
    Sing A Little Melody
    Friends & Neighbors (By the Plunketts)
    Bridge of Happiness
    Yipee Ti Yo
    I’ve Been Workin’ on the Railroad
    Shine on Harvest Moon (By the Plunketts)

    Side B instrumentals includes:
    Whistle While You Work
    School Bus Polka
    The Blue Danube
    Coffee Break
    Waltzing Brooms
    My Blue Heaven