Swanson TV dinner trays

Submitted by jack November 22nd, 2009
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TV dinners have been around for decades. These days when we want a nice TV dinner we just toss it in the microwave and it is ready and minutes. If you stuck these trays in the oven the results would not be pretty. These trays are from the time when TV dinners were cooked in the oven. The microwavable ones are pretty flimsy, but these tins are still in great shape and very sturdy, even after many years. You could still use them today if you were so inclined.

5 Responses to “Swanson TV dinner trays”

  1. Allee Willis

    I absolutely love that you collect this kind of stuff. Your fast food collection is so great.

    I lust for these trays. They were so much a part of my growing up I can’t even tell you. Just looking at these I can smell the tiny fried chicken breast, soggy but wonderful corn, pasty but wonderful mashed potatoes with a plop of gravy and that teeny little apple pie. The roast beef dinner was pretty thrilling as well.

    Did you have a favorite TV dinner meal?

  2. Mark Milligan

    You’re not asking me, but the chicken was my favorite! Then Mom would save all the trays like we’d somehow invent some use for them that would save us enough to buy another. She kept them in the used aluminum foil drawer next to the drawer in the kitchen that had rubber band balls, balls of string, and at the very back, a box that had hand written on it “pieces of string too short to save.”

    • Allee Willis

      Now that sounds like a drawer I’d love to poke through. I grew up with an almost identical drawer though I wish my mother had stashed a box in there that was labeled ‚Äúpieces of string too short to save.‚Äù

  3. Mark Milligan

    I do apologize-thanks for posting this it brings back so many memories of growing up when these things were the only frozen dinner choice. Cheers!