On the Track of the Sasquatch, Indubitably

Submitted by windupkitty November 23rd, 2009

Well, you have the title, now check out the book. This is the real deal, copyright 1971. Can’t say much about this, it speaks for itself.I will

Wow, bigfoot had a rack to rival the incomparable Dolly! The real problem I have with this drawing is that is was rendered by the young daughter of the guy who actually spotted this thing. Whatever he said to her that resulted in this drawing, no man should say to his kid. Period.

And this picture, well, uh, yeah……

Here’s the author, I knew you were curious. I still am.

One Response to “On the Track of the Sasquatch, Indubitably”

  1. Allee Willis

    I was never a Sasquatch fanatic. I could go either way on whether he actually exists despite the fact that every shot of him looks like a homemade Halloween costume.

    I agree about the confused sexuality of this all too stacked Sasquatch. Give him a Maidenform for Christmas.

    Love the gorilla.