Molly Sings!…

Submitted by windupkitty November 24th, 2009

… or, rather, squeals notes at pitches we might wish only animals could hear. Animals would not agree, though. And yeah, that’s her, Molly Ringwald, at the age of 5 belting out some nice old songbook favorites. She’s backed by her father’s band and even then, looked adorable and pouty. I was enraptured by John Hughes’ films when I was a kid and especially Pretty in Pink, which I got to see in the theater (a rarity for me as cash was scarce). I never really got over her giving John Cryer the shaft though….he lip synched Otis Redding to woo her! What was she thinking?!

One Response to “Molly Sings!…”

  1. Allee Willis

    Molly Ringwald, especially as a wee nip, is the last person I want to hear sing. Listening to ultrahigh pitched squealing sounds from anything other than a pig is not my idea of a valid spare time activity. Besides, I’m not even a big fan of Molly’s movies. I had real trouble with Pretty In Pink as the main piece of art in her bedroom was 1000% plagiarized from an original piece of art of mine that had appeared in a lot of books and magazines. I was too dumb and broke at the time to sue. Though it had nothing to do with poor Molly and all to do with the production designer who knew nothing about the period so stole all his ideas from books, it was so not a Pretty situation for me that I instituted a ban on all things Ringwald. And that most certainly includes this Pretty In Red LP. Sorry, Molly. Guilt by association (and I know that’s not fair…).