13 Responses to “Pooping Pig Candy Dispenser”

  1. Allee Willis

    These days there’s so many varieties of pooping anything – pigs, chickens, elephants, monkeys, all shooting out anything from chocolate peanuts to bubblegum in order to amuse and nourish. I like that this “candy dispensing barnyard pal” deposits “mini candy balls” and has some extra slobber going on under his neck. What exactly do you pull in order for him to make his deposit?

  2. MeshuggaMel

    Personally I think there are far worse things one could eat than candy dispensed from a plastic pig’s derrierre.

    I wonder, if you put coffee beans through this thing, could you charge crazy money for it like that civet cat poop coffee?

    • Allee Willis

      I don’t know anything about cat poop coffee. There’s such a thing?

      I, too, have no problem with the location of the dispensary. The pig’s too happy and pink for me to feel like I’m eating shit.

      • MeshuggaMel

        If you google “Civet Coffee” you’ll learn that the most expensive coffee in the world is that found in the droppings of the Civet. This cat-like mammal apparently is such a coffee aficionado that it eats only the ripest, sweetest coffee cherries, which past through its digestive system largely intact. The beans are then collected from the “leavings” and sell for over $100 per pound.

        Personally, I’ll stick with instant coffee and plastic pig poop candy.

        • Allee Willis

          THIS is what I’m talking about when people wonder what’s so interesting about Kitsch. In what other universe could you get to the subject of cat shit coffee so quickly after a conversation among strangers began?

          I’ll join you on the instant coffee

          • monica johnson

            i’ve come around with your way of thinking and welcome this new way of harvesting coffee..i have recently gotten into a percolator as opposed to drip i dont like instant, except for the amount of time involved..
            im seeing ghosts tonight.i think its the rain.