Souvenir Oklahoma Ashtray

Submitted by Lasagne Lady Fitch December 11th, 2009

“In 1889, the Indian Territory was opened to settlers. Thousands of people lined up on the border and, when the signal was given, they raced into the territory to claim their land. Some people went in early to claim their land. They became known as Sooners.” I got that little explanation off the web, but there is no author to credit.

Anyway I loved this- the Indians, the capital buildings and those trees. They are so thrilled to be in Oklahoma and have won the prize to represent the state on the souvenir ash tray.

2 Responses to “Souvenir Oklahoma Ashtray”

  1. Allee Willis

    I never understood what Sooners were. Now I see it’s all about people getting somewhere early.

    I love all the raised surfaces on this. Love the colors, especially the different shades of green as the trees blur into the grass.