Submitted by Markydoodle December 16th, 2009


1,282 miles from Los Angeles, and 1,660 miles from New York City (about 2 hours off I-80) sits a wondrous work of kitsch in Alliance, Nebraska called “Carhenge.” 38 vintage American cars on 10 acres of land, all painted primer gray, it was designed with exacting specs to be configured in the same pattern as the Druid’s famous digs in England. For even more fun info on this roadtrip destination, go to: www.carhenge.com.

4 Responses to ““Carhenge””

  1. Allee Willis

    My sister lives in Nebraska and this gives me one more reason to travel to corn country. I would have preferred original vehicle colors to gray primer but I admire any effort that takes place on this grand of scale. I would enjoy this more than the original in England being the car gal that I am.

  2. Mark Milligan

    I’m with you in terms of admiring an effort of this size. I love that so many of the cars are a little less than the typical popular models everyone wants, like a Plymouth Valiant, a Jeep Pickup (actually a little rare,) and a Chevy Vega along with a couple Caddy’s that are so easy to ID. From first hand experience I do have to say that this place rises from the plains in a surreal display that connects the art and science dots in an unique manner.

  3. Mark Milligan

    UPDATE: Meshugga Mel posted on FB that Carhenge is for sale for $300,000.

    I told him I can envision a kitsch resort there. Vintage travel trailers and pickups with campers, a diner with real food, and a drive in theater that only shows really bad films. I’m thinking about driving over there in a few weeks to take some pictures and see if I can have a conversation with some of the “Friends of Carhenge” to see what’s happening.