Submitted by monica johnson December 21st, 2009
Certifikitsch Winner

More adventures of The Leg and her friend Skel. They come upon a couple in love in the park. The leg is trying to convince Skel to ask them for their picnic basket full of food. She figures they wont be eating because as Barbie-men they will spend all day figuring out how to have sex without sex organs.


  1. Allee Willis

    I love how Leg & Skel are so little compared to the lovemaking couple. I also love the joints and lack of sex organs on the two male dolls. I especially like how the blonde’s thighs separate from his torso, how patient the dog and, beyond anything, THE HAIRDOS. Did you slick the blond back or is that how he came? And are they sitting on a little patch of astroturf?

  2. monica johnson

    i cut the brunettes hair the blonde came that way, i just geled him a little i thought with this hairdo he looks unlike other barbie guys..i envy thighs that are separate from torsos.
    yes they are on astro turf that i fully expect to replace that troublesome and time consuming real grass everywhere including the park.