11 Responses to “Mattie McFerrin “Keep A Lamp Shining Bright””

  1. Allee Willis

    I die for this! Who can even notice the lamp that Mattie hopes burns bright with that massive follicular arrangement on her head?!

    I love so many things about the artwork – the classic oil lamp, Mattie’s reference books which I’m assuming include a Bible, and her massively long 70’s collar that balances out her massively high hair. And it’s not just that her hair is so high; I love the way both sides are tucked into the middle like two sweet rolls.

    That lamp better not get too near her hair as the amount of Aqua Net required to hold that hornets nest up would torch the whole town.

    • windupkitty

      allee, you absolutely have the gift of funny! i’m in tears about the aqua net and sweet rolls! and yeah, that collar really is the architecturally sound balance to that hairdo! you always call it!!!!!!!!!

  2. windupkitty

    wow i am speechless and filled with envy…why can’t i pull off a look that cool? i wonder what will come out when that egg sack of a hair-do hatches!!?!??

    • windupkitty

      one of my grandmothers once wore an enviable beehive for a party or a wedding, if i remember correctly, and as a kid, i was honestly and truly terrified that it would hatch and spiders would come out…i was literally afraid of it!…..i’m not kidding!!! I’m pretty sure that if Mattie’s hatches though, she’ll be the proud mommy of a few baby crackens….something about the shape of that thing just screams giant squid to me!!!

  3. shirlie williams

    Awesome hair, truly scary, it brought back memories of my mother backcombing her hair and then spraying it to oblivion infront of the kitchen mirror, then she would form the said beehive with 6 million pins….on party days she would go to the hairdresser and they would put curls into the back of the beehive, no photos im afraid.

  4. shirlie williams

    I will get her to look in her drawers ,I bet she finds some of my dads comb-over hairdo that he sported for mant years which used to flap in the wind he he !!!