Asian Paintings by Suzette in Shadow Box Frames

Submitted by denny December 28th, 2009
This is a set, a man and a woman. They are both in these fabulous shadow box frames. The original finish was a lighter (blonde) wood with accents in gold paint. The artist name is simply “Suzette”, gotta love that. I have tried like mad to find info on her but came up with nothing! These are 2 of my most favorite pieces. Excuse the dust, they hang high up on the wall!

12 Responses to “Asian Paintings by Suzette in Shadow Box Frames”

  1. Allee Willis

    Great set, although a little too serious for my curatorial Kitschified opinion. On that front though, ‘Suzette’ is a perfect artist’s name especially for paintings attempting to capture traditional qualities of Asian culture as the last I heard ‘Suzette’ isn’t exactly Asian!

    Frames are great too.

    • a70brat

      Hi Allee…Just found your site..well…actually, my 15 yr old grandson did, as I, also, own one of these paintings by Suzette and have tried to find background info for the past ten years. My frame is the lighter wood and is mrkd chicago on the back. The closest I can even find is that Suzette Morton Davidson, daughter of the Morton salt founder, excelled in Chinese art and horticulture and even designed a huge arboritorium in Chicago. She was as knowledgable as any born and bred Chinese individual! If this helps you w/ your investigation, please share any info. Thanks and your site is great!

  2. danmwhite

    I dont know how to post the picture, if you notice on the frames the that holds the outer part to the innner part of picture, their are Swans, simular to the S in Suzette.

  3. Jambox1

    Denny, I recently came to have a giant watercolor painting by Suzette Morton Davidson! It’s in a beautiful, wood shadowbox behind glass. It is in excellent condition. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find any information on it’s origins or value! I also received an incredible, solid bronze, 3-ft., “Oriental Goddess” lamp that looks to be from a similar time period. Any information would be greatly appreciated!