Honey, I’m putting on the organ music, you know what that means….

Submitted by windupkitty December 29th, 2009
Certifikitsch Winner

It’s time for dessert! And by the way these two are gazing into each other’s eyes, I think dessert has only just begun….Of course I also think that if they eat everything that’s in front of them while listening to Hammond Organ hits(!) they’ll be too bloated for lovin’ and fast asleep in no time! Don’t do it, you two! Go for the romance instead! You only live once! Turn back now while you still can and instead, put those impeccable hairdos to the test!

5 Responses to “Honey, I’m putting on the organ music, you know what that means….”

  1. Allee Willis

    Love this for many reasons not the least of which is the fact that although the Hammond organ graced many Top 40 hits there were very few of them that the Hammond was the featured performer on. Maybe Booker T’s “Green Onions” and “Groovin'” (Hammond B3) but that’s it other than solos and incredible pads. So the title, “Hammond Organ Hits”, is a little boastful.

    I do love the tagline, “An evening of international favorites” as it looks more like an evening of international desserts.

    The girl’s hairdo kills me. It’s flatter on top than a flatbed truck. Whatever those black lines in the background are look like they’re pressing it down like a drill press. Her curls are also pretty outrageous, cork screws with extra tight ends. I love how the top curl balances itself in midair. It’s either the cheapest wig in history or took a case of Aqua Net to get it into place. Her dress also looks like it has enough material to make choir robes for 60.

    As for the guy with the linoleum slick JFK hair helmet, he looks like he turned the tanning beds to lobster setting. Love the wide collars on his jacket too.

    Is there a year on the back? Looks 1966/67ish.

  2. windupkitty

    hahahahahaahahhhahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok, i looked for a date, but there isn’t one anywhere! this is a prett bare bones production from Oscar Records out in Burbank…..i’d be in agreement with you on the dates though…..i forgot to mention: the sort of sad thing is : someone used the cover as scratch paper…literally….there are completed math problems, names, and scribbles (like you’re checking the ink in a pen) all over the front….it’s pretty faint and was impossible to photograph, but yeah, this record didn’t get the love……the good thing is that it was never played much, so it sounds great!!!!!

      • windupkitty

        pretty standard stuff: fascination, la paloma, le pont d’avignon, a wandering minstrel, tango elena, dark eyes, blue danube, o sole mio…….

        my record player’s busted, but as soon as i have time to take it apart and (hopefully!) fix it, i’ll start adding some audio…course i’m not sure about copyrights though…..