Kitsch kit: 2 in 1. When a neon Cat makes light for a *true* wallpaper.

Submitted by Gilles Snowcat December 29th, 2009
Certifikitsch Winner

Wonderful are the cats. They are everywhere and take any incarnation they want. They have a kind of… inner kitsch. Therefore, they have no trouble becoming that stunning neon light bulb that immediately brings a meow-smile in the room :

Let there be more light, please.

Ohohoh… yes, this is bright now but… tell, my friend the cat, what’s that newspaper on the wall????

Well, a true wallpaper, since it is the reprint of old newspapers used to decorate the walls -we saw something similar in AWMoK already, didn’t we?

This wallpaper comes from around 1976 and have no idea if it’s still produced nowadays. The neon cat arrived in that very room in the beginning of the 80’s and is still active.

Thank you, bad Cat for the light and the kitsch!

Gilles Snowcat

7 Responses to “Kitsch kit: 2 in 1. When a neon Cat makes light for a *true* wallpaper.”

  1. Allee Willis

    I went insane for these light bulbs when they first came out. I had cats, dogs, peace signs, sunflowers, hands with fingers in peace formation as well as giving the finger. This one looks excellent against the newspaper wall.

    • Gilles Snowcat

      Wow a CertifiKitsch! Glad glad glad! :)
      At the time, I remember a school friend, who was probably more devoted to his religion than to any kind of kitsch, had a Christian cross neon bulb like that. Which made me want to have a cat.
      I surely had a kitschy childhood, those were the disco / Star Wars days (nostalgic mood on).
      Do you still have pictures of yours, Allee?

      • Allee Willis

        I unfortunately don’t have photos or the bulbs themselves anymore. Although I would save such things now even after they burned out that was too early in my evolution as a collector to realize I should be holding on to things once they no longer worked. I do remember thinking they were the most gorgeous things ever. I stared at mine constantly.

  2. Paperman

    We used to have this wallpaper – this is the only image I could find of it online. Please could you post some more pictures of this wallpaper?
    I’d really appreciate a clearer idea of what the adverts and notices say. I would really like to get some more of this newspaper wallpaper, or at least find copies of the individual adds/notices – more pic’s would be a great help.
    I would be most grateful if you can assist me here please.

  3. Paperman

    Dear Giles

    Thank you so much for replying. I wondered, given that your original submission was made back in 2009, if my reply would ever be picked up. I am delighted to hear from you and very much look forward to seeing some more detailed pictures in due course.

    Best wishes,