7 Responses to “Snowman Christmas Wig”

  1. Allee Willis

    I swear to God I’m getting that wig and wearing it next Christmas! Do you remember the name of the store or what block of Hollywood Blvd. it was on? Maybe they’re having a clearance sale on snowman wigs right now.

    I also love the reflection of the star on Hollywood Blvd. in the window though I can’t quite make out who it is.

  2. briandeshazor

    Hiya. Wow…now that’s a compliment. I’ll only tell you if I can go to a party with you when you wear it.
    It’s in the Hollywood costume shop in the old Frederick’s of Hollywood building. Street starts with a W…maybe wilcox.
    Last year the wig was $100. Perhaps they’ll haggle.
    p.s. the star is Burton Holmes. Inventor of travel film lectures.

  3. briandeshazor

    Last year they had a tall green one in the shape of the perfect christmas tree…with ornaments. I’d wear that one. I guess I have to go race you to the store. I’m down with Wig day with Allee in the coming year.

    • Allee Willis

      I’m definitely up for this trip! Want to video it when we go. But they probably clear these out right after Christmas, right? If by any chance they’re still there in a couple of weeks let’s make a date. Otherwise let’s pencil something in for Dec. 2010. I’m serious!