2 Responses to “Mini Light Tower/Bed and Breakfast”

  1. Allee Willis

    When it comes to architecture I love miniatures, especially when placed where they make no sense. Like his watchtower that has a wonderful view of the front lawn and driveway but no seafaring vessels in sight. I also love that the little red door matches the red gates.

    I’m just as intrigued with the house as with the non-towering tower. Love the little archway in the middle of the small portion of picket fence. Where does that archway lead? Directly into a window? Where’s the front door? Is that what the archway leads to or is it all the way down at the other end where there’s no action? Between the mini light tower and the ultra small area guarded by the picket fence I’m hoping there’s a little koi pond or something water oriented to make sense of all of it.