Mmm Nice!

Submitted by windupkitty December 31st, 2009

Who can resist the lovely Sandra Warner: album cover model to the stars!? I’m a big Bob Thompson fan and have quite a few of his records…..this is certainly a favorite…..

3 Responses to “Mmm Nice!”

  1. Allee Willis

    Is she about to go swimming, exercise or have a drink? Was Sandra Warner Really a big LP model? I don’t know her but she definitely has the look, especially at this angle which makes her hips and legs look like they belong to Andre The Giant compared to her more demure and petite top.

    I especially love the “serving tray” text.

  2. windupkitty

    yeah, she is so divine “serving up” her album titles…..she was also on the cover of some martin denny albums…i have a couple which are buried to far for me to reach at the moment, but when i do, you know they will be submitted….(records are kind of the bulk of my kitsch now that i think about it…though my memory’s shot, so i bet i’ll find something cool that i forgot about in the garage if i wish hard enough!)…..and ya know, i hope she was going to do all 3: swimming,exercise and have a drink! the leotard seems to be made for a combination of those activities, and i’ve always found the 3 to go together quite well! and oh yeah, the fact that they shot her at such a weird angle that her hips and legs look huge?! isn’t that great!!! in a world where models now stand knock-kneed in an attempt to look horrifyingly rexic enough, i gotta hand it sandra! she looks fabulous, even if she was a little too thin to be shot straight on…..:)