Ceramic Pixie Planters and sugar bowl

Submitted by denny January 3rd, 2010

I actually took the camera out and captured this shot yesterday. We have a Pixie theme here. Love Pixies! The little guy with the yellow hat is the sugar bowl.

5 Responses to “Ceramic Pixie Planters and sugar bowl”

  1. Allee Willis

    Does the pixie with the red hat sitting on the log have the same face as the yellow hatted pixie? I’m going to guess no as the little points at the top of the hats are different. But excellent pixies no less.

    The only pixie I have is one sitting in the middle of a bunch of bananas. There’s absolutely no connection between the pixie and the bananas, which makes me love it even more.

  2. denny

    A pixie sitting in banana’s? I love that! Their faces are slightly different but how I love the detail on the sugar bowl!

  3. MeshuggaMel

    From the pictures, it’s hard to tell if the big pixie’s expression is coy or more “I’m gonna get you sucka”. And is the smaller pixie sitting on a log or a pixie stick?

  4. pseudandry

    Where did you find this, Denny?! I just purchased a similar creamer/sugar bowl set — at an antique store in Maine — with the pixie, except that my pixie is wearing an artichoke-type hat and has an orange collar with a greenish collar button, and mine doesn’t have any hair. The initials (monogram) sFa is on the bottom of the creamer, but not the sugar bowl. Your post is the only picture on the Web of this pixie kitchen accessory that I could find!

  5. denny

    Nice to meet you Pseuandry!

    I love pixies and collect them whenever I can. I don’t own this one pictured here but I have listed all my pixies which will pop up here eventually.

    I have an incredible Pixie cookie jar with matching creamer and s&p shakers. Also found another Pixie cookie jar recently in PA for mere pennies! $4.00!

    Stay tuned for more pixies….