Fat Fish Ashtray

Submitted by snappyp January 4th, 2010

Another fish themed ashtray from my collection. This one is almost Jonah And The Whale like, but it is a fish and not a whale. When I put a lighted butt in his mouth it fills with smoke and billows out his mouth. It is almost worth lighting a cigarette for the entertainment of the smoke.

4 Responses to “Fat Fish Ashtray”

  1. snappyp

    The table is an Allee Willis special edition from back in the 80’s when she made furniture and wrote hit songs. hmmm I will photo that and submit it.
    good observing.

    • Allee Willis

      @Snappy – what do you mean “back in the 80‚Äôs when she wrote hit songs.”?! I STILL write hit songs! I was actually making those tables in a relatively slow part of my music career (inbetween “Neutron Dance” and “What I Done to Deserve This”).

      Yes, Snappy, please submit the table. In the meantime, windupkitty, you can see several versions of it in the Art section of alleewillis.com. Go to https://www.alleewillis.com/art/furniture/index.htm and flip through those photos. The tables are more near the end. I mostly built these from ’85-’88.