Mamie Van Doren “Girls Town” Vintage Movie Poster and Video Clip

Submitted by denny January 4th, 2010

This is from 1959. I’m still trying to crowd a lifetime of thrills into one night……every night! Mamie’s screen name in this is Silver Morgan! Doesn’t get any better….

8 Responses to “Mamie Van Doren “Girls Town” Vintage Movie Poster and Video Clip”

  1. Allee Willis

    Mamie Van Doren can do no wrong I don’t care what decade she appears in. I also love that this movie introduced Paul Anka. “Lonely Boy” was one of my first paper records.

  2. windupkitty

    Oh my god!! This is one of my FAVORITE films!!!! Poor, poor Sarafina and her obsession with baby Paul Anka! His version of Ave Maria brought everyone to tears……even hardened Mamie!!!! And you can’t forget Dick Contino, the accordion showman (wears the highest pants ever! and Mel Torme!!! OK, I think I might watch this tonight…..I covet your poster…sincerely……

      • windupkitty

        yeah, well he did that bellows shake thing and was kinda vegas later on! he’s a great player(even though he gets crap from some of the conservative players out there)..i saw him many years ago at the cotati accordion festival…as for the kitsch factor: he was wearing a skin tight black jumpsuit that was v-neck down to the navel (wow) and a silver zip-up jacket….he tore off the jacket after a couple of songs, made gun shapes with his hands and then shook them at the audience back and forth in sort of the stage-sized half moon sweep (you know what i’m talkin’ about?)..then he rocked a few more songs…..he was so thin, but yeah, he had the “good old accordion upper body”… can’t mistake the shoulders…i inherited them too and am now obligated to use them….or at least that’s my excuse for torturing cats with the sound of practicing on the accordion….i chatted with him a bit after he played and he was very nice and gave me a kiss on the cheek; quite a gentleman, as I recall…even let me take a photo with him…..funny to see the pic now…it seemed so long ago!!!!!!!!