2 Responses to “The Academy Award Orchestra: Hits from 1967”

  1. Allee Willis

    Any art direction that accentuates already elephant sized bellbottoms into Great Gorge proportions and then makes it look like the Saarinen pedestal is growing out of them is art direction that would make me purchase this LP even if I didn’t think some of the songs are as classic as they are.

    The breadbasket hair and drop earrings not to mention something strange going on in the bellybutton area, all augmented by the most gigantic feet this side of Wilt Chamberlain add to the exceptionalness of this LP cover.

    I also love that it’s performed by The Academy Award Orchestra when studio players for that awards show changed every year.

    All in all, this should be a top choice for front record in any respectable vintage record rack.