The Higher the Hair, the Closer to God?

Submitted by Brian Hamilton January 9th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Three wholesome, talented young ladies decided to use their God given gifts to express their love and devotion to their savior on vinyl. In Stereo. With matching baby blue wool frocks and eight cans of Aqua Net. The one on the right … isn’t that Jay Leno with a wig? I’m confident that no chaperon was needed on this tour.

3 Responses to “The Higher the Hair, the Closer to God?”

  1. Allee Willis

    This is absolutely one of my favorite album covers of all time because of the astounding beauty of the singers.

    I featured this very LP in my Kitsch O’ The Day blog ( last summer. Here’s what I wrote:

    With the hairdo on the left looking like the perfect bundt cake, a bulldog in the middle and a bouffanted Jay Leno on the right, what Jesus used was The Faith Tones’ heads to perform some of the most astounding hair artistry in the history of Christian album covers, the Kentucky Derby of cheese championships in the 1960’s and 70’s.

    I love that The Faith Tones invested in matching baby blue polyester tops that would go up in flames if a match were within twenty feet of them but stopped short of buying matching blouses or scarves or whatever they’re wearing underneath. I suppose the theory was “no one will notice” and with the indisputably best hairdos of the 20th Century they were almost right.

    Although this LP has made the Internet rounds, something so astounding always bears repeating. The Faith Tones and their heavenly follicles have indeed ascended to the throne of Kitsch Klassics!

  2. windupkitty

    I love this album cover…it’s always a pleasur to view it and the name The Faith Tones was truly inspired! I love how the one with the cool specs looks suspiciously like Stephen Fry…coincidence!?!?! You be the judge!!!!