4 Seasons Snowdome Telephone

Submitted by victrolala January 10th, 2010

The most fabulous 4 Seasons Snowdome Telephone from the Emily Bindiger collection. And yes, it is sitting on a plush carpet – to get a better view!!

6 Responses to “4 Seasons Snowdome Telephone”

  1. Allee Willis

    So I have a few questions about this excellent kitschy item. Why is it called 4 Seasons if there’s only two snow globes? Shouldn’t there be 4? And doesn’t it only snow in winter so wouldn’t that make it two domes of 1 Season? Also, is this a new item as opposed to vintage? Not that that means it’s any less quality Kitsch as that genre befalls items of all ages. And is it a real functioning phone?

    Is there anyway to get close-up photos of the globes? If so, you can e-mail them to me at [email protected] and I’ll add them in.

    Excellent that you photographed it on a “plush” carpet, btw.

    • victrolala

      Allee! So sorry for the delay – still traveling. Yes – It is a working phone. There are 2 snowdomes per season that are interchangeable – just couldn’t get pix of the other seasons (boo). It is not vintage. I have taken some close up photos of the winter globes that are on the phone now. I will upload and send asap.
      Glad you like the plush carpet!
      FYI – I looked underneath the phone and it is actually called Four Seasons Phone.
      Stay tuned for more!!

  2. MeshuggaMel

    As an engineer, I’ll make the guess that for optimization, each snow globe has a different seasons on either side.

    As a kitsch enthusiast, I think the phone is extra kitschy for being a push button faux rotary design. It’s almost the telephonic equivalent of those 80s Mercury Cougars with the 30s style hood with bubble fenders and a fake continental kit.

    As both an engineer and a kitsch enthusiast, I would have loved this even more if the handset had a snow-globe style handle to represent the jet stream, zephyrs, etc.

  3. victrolala

    I love that it’s push button too!! Yes a snow-globe style handle would’ve been awesome. I do, however, still love the phone!!
    More soon.