Before T-Shirt Souvenirs

Submitted by MyFunCloset January 15th, 2010

It was the “wow” satin fringe pillow cover from Aunt Anne. You had a choice, redecorate to match the pillow, or just put it in a drawer for 50 years so your kids could sell it at a yard sale one day. They chose the later.

One Response to “Before T-Shirt Souvenirs”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love these kind of scarfs, one of the most popular kinds of souvenirs in the 1950s especially. I always loved the shininess, the fringe and the way the color lays on the the fabric.

    Trillions of these got turned into pillows, which I guess would have saved this one from its fate of being sold at a garage sale because the pillows got so popular once the retro trend kicked in in the 1980s. Well, at least you have this gorgeous photo of it.