Baby Dennis McLain’s Hand (a drawing from 1967)

Submitted by denny January 17th, 2010

This is nutty but I thought it had some potential here. My Grandmother is now 97 and recently gave me a good portion of her book collection. Well, growing up she would periodically have us trace our hands on paper and then she would tuck them away in books. This fell out of one of her books I opened recently, a bio on about Mary Todd Lincoln. I was 2 when this was done.

2 Responses to “Baby Dennis McLain’s Hand (a drawing from 1967)”

  1. Allee Willis

    This is fantastic! Do you have any more of your grand andmothers hand tracings? Would be great to see the growth of your digits through the years.

    My favorite thing is how the lines of the nails on the middle three fingers are dotted while the outer fingernails are solid. Not that there’s any great significance to this but I always notice things like that.

    I must say, you had awfully manly hands for a mere two year old.

  2. denny

    Well the thing my Grandmother would normally do was to have us trace our hands on the inside cover of her books. She got rid of most of her books (she’s 97 now and had an amazing book collection) and she gave some to me. I have yet to find a tracing in any of the books that I have. I remember, it was like a little ritual for her.