True Story “The Groom Was A Virgin”

Submitted by MyFunCloset January 19th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

Vintage confession magazines. It was a step on the wild side.

In 1970, what went on behind closed doors was finally being exposed. Actually these were made up stories, staged by actors, but no one really cared. It was a time of NO four-letter words and NO skin… only suggestive looks and lots of crying. Then there was an occasional gasp and a baby nine months later, who was now being raise by the neighbor next door.

By today’s standards, ho-hum.

This was from one of the stories about a Mom spying on her daughter. If it were 2010, she would have joined in.

That’s me, “FunCloset” dressed in orange & my face painted. It was not uncommon for staff members to get in shots occasionally. How else would my family back in Ohio see what I was doing!

4 Responses to “True Story “The Groom Was A Virgin””

  1. Allee Willis

    Love, of course, that you were a staff writer for True Story. Love even more, of course, that that’s you in the orange. Your choker is especially great, left on when everything else comes off. This is a perfect time warp and you’re wearing the perfect orange robe for the act you’re supposedly participating in.

    Is that mom who’s casting a giant shadow on the dressing screen? She looks awfully young which, from a kitsch perspective, is kind of great in that the only thing to distinguish her as mom is that she’s wearing a dress.

  2. MyFunCloset

    Covers were most always wholesome looking gals. Kind of contrary to the stories inside. This way if you got caught reading a confession mag, the cover looked like “Glamour”.