3 Responses to “Boy George Karma Chameleon Telephone Advertisement Spoof”

  1. Allee Willis

    Lore has it that this commercial never actually ran, which is a good thing as at over two minutes it’s the Nicholas Nickleby of commercials. But this epic definitely qualifies as Kitsch on so many levels no matter how long or short it is.

    Back in the 80’s anything was game to be turned into a phone. From cars to Harleys to Mickey Mouse to a Karma Chameleon. Of course, a chameleon is a far cry from the frog looking thing mounted on this gadget, making it all the more perfect in its Kitsch drenched world.

    Is the bug that the frog I mean chameleon is about to eat eating a hot dog? Or is it a sub sandwich? Or what does a it have to do with bugs, frogs or chameleons?

    I especially love the lifelike log base.

    Karma Chameleon was not my favorite Culture Club song. It’s too cute of a title. I never really listened to the lyrics to see if, in fact, it was about someone constantly flipping their Karma but the constant repeat of the word “Karma” in the chorus was like nails on a chalkboard to this songwriters ear. So I contented myself to just being friends with Roy Hay the guitarist, and later George who I also wrote for once he went solo (“Live My Life” for the Jon Cryer movie, Hiding Out). Neither the words “Karma” nor ” Chameleon” appeared in that song. And there were no phones ringing.

  2. denny

    I was clubbing to “Live My Life”. “the roof is leaking, stack of pillows on my bed, no way to wake up, the dreams in my head”…..I think I have 18 versions of this archived in my music collection. I do think the bug is holding a teeny tiny harmonica. I don’t think lady bugs eat sub sandwiches! I was truly blown away by this video! As for Karma Chameleon, I am chameleoned out……