Morning Funnies Cereal

Submitted by jack January 22nd, 2010

This is a box of Morning Funnies Cereal. They were out in the late 80s, and each box had several comic strips printed inside the front cover which opened up. As I mentioned in my previous submission, Ralston loved getting licensed characters to push their cereal. This cereal was just your typical fruit flavored variety, but the real prize was the box. It isn’t often a box can provide entertainment while you eat. I imagine the idea was good on paper, but with the box being the main selling point once you read it there wasn’t much reason to purchase another box unless it was a new one.

2 Responses to “Morning Funnies Cereal”

  1. Allee Willis

    I always chose my cereals by how entertaining the box looked. Once it came to each piece of cereal being a different bright color, especially with faces imprinted into them, this would have been a sure bet in my grocery cart had I been aware of it at the time. I’m pretty sure I was in a heavy Pop Tart phase then though so I missed it entirely. But I love that they got the likes of Dennis the Menace and Beetle Bailey to make appearances on the box. Whenever I ate cereal in my youth I always had one hand on the spoon and the other on the box reading everything there was to read over and over again until I finally just popped a TV in the kitchen.