6 Responses to “Big Hair/Inspirational LP”

  1. Allee Willis

    Wow, looks like Mary has a bunt cake and a few sweet rolls stashed in her hair. Like someone heated her up and Jiffy Pop exploded out of her head.

    Not only do I love that there’s absolutely no text on the LP cover – okay maybe for Madonna or Beyonc√© or someone at that level but not for the turtlenecked bakery-goods-haired Mary – but I also marvel at how off-center it is.

  2. denny

    Your comment really made me laugh Mel! Those hats are absolutely amazing and I think your right. Emilio Pucci was inspired by the big hair of the era. He wanted to fill those bubbles!

  3. MrBajeebus

    Remember the urban myth about the lady that has a black widow spider living in her hair? Seems like that hair of hers is part of the “inspiration” there…