9 Responses to “Is there anything that cannot be fried?”

  1. Allee Willis

    My answer to your question is NO!

    The only thing wrong with this sign is that the cheesecake isn’t fried.

    Where is this place? I’ve heard of the fried mac ‘n cheese and certainly the Twinkies but haven’t seen pie before.

    I also love that the word ‘grille’ is so prominently displayed when it would be more appropriate to have written” big vat of oil’ on the window.

  2. Mary Z

    Obviously Holly has not been to the Minnesota State Fair where the challenge every year is to put anything and everything on a stick. Not obly deep fried twinkies, but snickers, s’mores, pb&J, fried green tomatoes, falafel, tater to hotdish etc.etc. I’ll try to send some pics.

  3. Howie Pyro

    you haven’t lived (or edged closer to death) until you’ve had a deep fried chicken in a krispy kreme donut sandwich!!! i have a photo somewhere from the county fair a few years ago…

    • Allee Willis

      I’m SICK I missed the opportunity to sink my choppers into this as both the LA and Orange County fairs have left until the summer. I’m not as much of a Krispy Creme fanatic as others but the thought of substituting a donut, any donut, for bread is thrilling! Better, of course, if it were FRIED chicken stuffed in there but truthfully I’d eat a sardine if it was in the middle of a donut.

  4. denny

    Deep fried Twinkies and Pecan pie? Amazing stuff and the sugar intake would most likely have me cleaning the house til next year. I love pie.