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San Francisco Ceramic Souvenir Dish With Lid

Submitted by denny January 25th, 2010
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I think this is more for change or something and made to sit on the dresser, may also be a candy dish.

4 Responses to “San Francisco Ceramic Souvenir Dish With Lid”

  1. Allee Willis

    I can’t say that San Francisco is my favorite place in the world as I was forced to spend too much time there in the ’90s trying to get funding for willisville, my social network, and had to deal with too many money obsessed techies, most of whom contributed to the massive tech bubble bursting of ’99. So this is one of those dishes that, despite the excellent kitschness of the heavy glaze and packing way too many design elements into one small dish, I would pass up. But as long as it’s in someone else’s house I’m fine to admire it.

  2. denny

    Perfect glazing, yes!…… I’ve been to San Fran and was not really that impressed. Did a photo shoot at Lands’s End which was probably the only area in SF that I actually enjoyed. Wish I could find those pics!

  3. windupkitty

    i love touristy stuff like this….and effort surely went into this one…[email protected] Allee…I hear ya on the techie,money driven,absent of art folks in the bay area…geez,it’s really shocking and even depressing sometimes…..practically why i never leave the house! BUt, there are nice places to walk/hike/camp and get away…@denny…land’s end is so beautiful!

  4. denny

    Lands End is stunning. The views are so relaxing and gorgeous. I am dying to find a book on the old baths that were there once or a book about Lands End if one does exist……I hear ya about leaving the house….