2 Responses to “Leaf Tea Lite Candle Holders”

  1. Allee Willis

    Even though there’s a large part of me that can’t stand stuff like this, especially when it comes in maple stain, I have to hand a CertifiKitsch out because I love the craft aspect of it.

    What I really love the most about this particular grouping is the massively oversized nail that’s used to hang the middle one. Do the ones on either side have secret magic hanging powers? Of course, in a perfect kitchen world I would hope for a few raggedly ripped pieces of that thick, spongy double sided tape that pulls the paint off the wall when removed on the back.

  2. denny

    I know! I’m dying over the large nail thing! One fell of the wall one day and my Father in-law put it back up with that nail. I about fell over when I saw it but decided to just leave it!