4 Responses to “Orange 60’s (maybe 70’s) Lamp with a Fleur de Lys Shade”

  1. Allee Willis

    What I love most about this lamp is that this is probably the original shade and it seems far too small for the rising tower beneath it. With this said, the fleur-de-lis shade is in impeccable condition especially given it was at the free store at the local dump. Hard to believe it wasn’t crushed or soiled so props to this lamp for that alone.

    I’d would say it’s 1960’s because the textured ceramic glaze and bulbous base. Very happy you rescued it.

  2. denny

    You would be surprised what you can find at the “Dump Stores”! They close during the cold season which makes me nuts. I would be going there, rain or shine! They have “dump fairys” here. Each dump has a staff that pulls goodies from donation drop offs etc and puts the stuff in the “free store”. There have been days where it’s hit and miss but on the good days, I have Ernie running back and forth to the car with whatever goodies I am finding! So much fun.