Ann-Margret Canada Dry

Submitted by rustyamo February 1st, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

In 1968 Ann-Margret had her very first TV special in December on CBS -the sponser of the special was Canada Dry – she filmed comercials for that special that are very rare – and they were directed by a unknown director of the time named William Friedkin who went on to direct The Exorcist

In conjuncure with her speical – most stores that carried the Canada Dry product had this promotional “flyers” hang from the bottle tops

I found these on ebay – I also am lucky enough to have copies of the TV comercials

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  1. Allee Willis

    The tallest go-go boots, the shortest skirts and the longest hair are just some of the elements there that are in full tilt Kitsch in this Ann-Margaret TV special. And this door hanger with A-M hawking Canada Dry, the sponsor, is rare indeed. Only if you had one from Rachel Welch’s first TV special, “Raquel!”, in 1970 which sealed the lid on the ballot box for Kitsch would I be more impressed.

    As you mention William Friedkin, I was in a restaurant in the late 80s and Sherry Lansing, who ran Paramount and was married to William Friedkin, leaned over from the table next to me where she was sitting with him and asked if I was Allee Willis. When I said yes they told me they woke up to one of my paintings,”Bill”, every morning as it was hanging above their bed.

    These are horrendous copies but essential viewing from the Ann-Margaret TV special that Canada Dry sponsored:
    ‚Ä¢ “Satisfaction” –
    ‚Ä¢ ” It’s Hard to Be a Go-Go Girl” –

  2. rustyamo

    Not only longest hair – but biggest hair as well – and boy could she toss it around – In her 2nd special she does a comedy routine with Dean Martin – as she is tossing her hair part of her wig comes off – she does a funny line with – that they keep it in the final scene
    As for Raquel – you are sending me on a hunt??????
    Better yet Sheey and William picked up your tab :)
    Thanks for the clips – but it doesnt do the show just – you need to see the special in its entirty – do you want a copy?