Capt’n Elmer’s SEAFOOD Restaurant (in Orleans, MA on Cape Cod)

Submitted by denny February 2nd, 2010

Main entrance.

Lobster traps purely for roof display with 5 plastic lobsters attached.

Sign close to the road with a rusty anchor.

Sign on the one section of the roof.

2 Responses to “Capt’n Elmer’s SEAFOOD Restaurant (in Orleans, MA on Cape Cod)”

  1. Allee Willis

    As someone who has these exact same lobsters, traps and nets mounted in various spots in their backyard, which is about as far away one could be from any lobster stomping grounds, I can totally relate to the roofline at Capt’n Elmer’s!

    Seafood restaurants are always a good bet that kitsch is somewhere in the vicinity as they usually try to get very ‘fishy’ with their signs and displays. I usually enjoy these aspects of these kind of restaurants much more than the food.