Bi-Centennial Plate

Submitted by stevenw February 3rd, 2010

Its your turn to BUY a piece of the BI-CENTENNIAL.
This beautiful example of patriotic consumerism displays a repeating pattern of the dates 1776 1976 in traditional RED WHITE and BLUE on a pure field of white. and it was MADE IN JAPAN – naturally
This plate was created for that limited time when Donkeys and Elephants came together to create:

The back bears the markings: Villa Vanilla Palm Beach, Celebration, Taste Seller Sigma ,made in japan 231

Let me know if you’re interested in buying the plate.

One Response to “Bi-Centennial Plate”

  1. Allee Willis

    As a devout lover of kitsch, 1976 was one of the more thrilling years to be living on this planet. ‘1976’ was printed on everything and anything from plates to cowboy boots to front lawn displays and Bedazzeled clothes. Plates were one of the most popular genres. The fact that this one was made in Japan makes it even nicer.