Jones Soda 2004 Holiday Pack

Submitted by jack February 4th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

This is one of the Thanksgiving themed soda packs from Jones Soda. I have several different versions of these from several different years. This particular set is from 2004 and includes such delicious flavors as Turkey and Gravy soda, Mashed Potatoes and Butter Soda, Green Bean Casserole soda, Cranberry Sauce Soda and Fruitcake soda. It also includes the utensils to enjoy them (which are actually straws). I usually buy two of every set, one to drink and one to save. The Cranberry Sauce and Fruitcake sodas weren’t bad, but the other ones are just disgusting. I have to give them credit for originality though.

2 Responses to “Jones Soda 2004 Holiday Pack”

  1. Allee Willis

    WOW! How on earth did I miss this? Well, I know how I did… Until very recently I never went into a grocery store as I hate waiting in lines and I don’t know how to cook anyway. However, if I knew this was lurking in the aisles I would’ve pushed that cart so fast you wouldn’t know what hit you. I could do without the Fruitcake soda but as for the rest of the meal in the bottles, HELL YES!!

    I’m dying to see what the straws doubling as utensils look like.

  2. Mooshe

    These are my favorite gross out game! It’s especially good to get people involved after an already filling and sickening Thanksgiving dinner. I particularly remember how much fun the giggling and belching was in 2006 when Jones had sweet potato and antacid!