Mad Hatter Muffler of Miami

Submitted by Julie Brumlik February 5th, 2010
Certifikitsch Winner

My Woody Panttila cast iron “found object” sculpture of a Warrior had an unfortunate collision with a raccoon and lost an arm. Carlos suggested taking it to Mad Hatter Muffler of Miami for repair. He said the Muffler Shop was on NW 7th Avenue around 100 Street .. can’t miss it. Just look for the muffler sculptures out front …

Matt and I found Mat Hatter Muffler .. turns out there’s a veritable Muffler Zoo .. some of the animals are 30 years old … Andy makes new ones when the inspiration hits and he has time… he made this enchanting blue nose pig:

Forgot to ask the species of this lace-eared creature:

Raging Bull, Florida Gator, and more in The Muffler Zoo:

Giraffe, aardvark, eel, etc.

dog? donkey? and blue-nose pig:

star of the show is the Blue Muffler Dragon:

When business is slow, or for parties or just for fun … Steve and Andy stuff an oil soaked rag in the blue dragon’s mouth and light it.

This is Steve, welder extraordinaire. He put a handsome bead on my warrior’s shoulder and wouldn’t take a dime.

Before the fall: Warrior with Spear, found object metal scupture, 36″ high, by Parker “Woody” Panttila:

now more rusty, but good as new.

4 Responses to “Mad Hatter Muffler of Miami”

  1. Allee Willis

    Whoa!!! I love all these! I love how many there are. I love the detail on all of them. I love the passion of the guy who makes them. I love that you took so many shots and got them all up here. CertifiKitsch deserved all the way around!

    I posted a lowly muffler tree on my Kitsch O The Day blog couple of weeks ago, a lonely statue out in front of a broken down muffler shop in the San Fernando Valley, CA. I wish the tree had some of these beautiful animals to enjoy.

  2. windupkitty

    oh wow! i looooove those creations! they are so expressive and so, so creative!!!! what an awesome talent to have..thanks for sharing these!!!! this made my day!!!

  3. Mark Milligan

    Julie this is awesome. I think not only does it show some very cool creations, but says so much about people. Some are content to run their businesses in such mundane and conformist ways, while others, like these guys, soar to the dizzying heights of the stratiskitsch!
    Who among us wouldn’t want to do business with these people?