Frank Sinatra Grave

Submitted by rustyamo February 6th, 2010

I enjoy finding the graves of famous folks – this past December when my daughter was on winter break we took a rode trip to Palm Springs

We had a fun day that included a stop at the cemetery that had not only Frank Sinatra but also Sonny Bono, William Powell, Betty Hutton, Busby Berkley and two Gabors plus others

Here is Sinatra’s simple marker – he is buried next to his folks, his in-laws and his best friend Jilly Rizzo

4 Responses to “Frank Sinatra Grave”

  1. rustyamo

    Alle – you need to allow me to give you a cemetry tour – we can go to marilyns grave – that cemetry is like ap rk – we can have a picnic lunch – and trust me when i say we wont be the only ones there gawking

    • Allee Willis

      I’ve actually seen Marilyn’s grave because was right near a movie theater I used to go to. I know cemetery tours are a very hip thing to do but I’m happier in a car shooting cheesy locations around town. Picnic lunch rain check.

  2. denny

    Sad to think that the first African American female Oscar Winner, didn’t get a grave marker til 1999. I did a lot of cemetery hopping when I was in LA, it can be really, really fascinating. Great post!