Frank, Liza and Sammy – BackStage Pass

Submitted by rustyamo February 10th, 2010
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In 1988 – 1989, Frank Sinatra thought it would be fun to get the old gang together for one more Ultimate Event – So he, along with Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr went on tour….Dean only lasted a few performances – whil;e he lived a while longer, he justed didnt have it in him anymore to go on tour with the guys and all the hi jinx that went along with it – he just wanted to play golf and wathc westerns on tv and go to his favorite Italian restaurant

Frank and Sammy brought in Liza Minnelli to finish up the tour and it was a huge success

The show was filmed and played on Showtime in 1989 – it is a very rare TV special – out of print for many many years

This is a un-used backstage pass from the concert that was billed as the Ulitmate Event

3 Responses to “Frank, Liza and Sammy – BackStage Pass”

  1. Allee Willis

    This is the absolute penultimate of backstage passes as it gets no more exalted on the Kitsch stage than the triple threat of Sammy, Liza and Frank! All three had amazing legitimate talent at the same time as having abnormal proportions of schmaltz covering their acts. Certainly Liza came in first. Everything about her through every stage of her life screamed/screams K-I-T-S-C-H. Sammy was a good 70% there but could grab hold of his senses and settle down somewhat. Frank was more guilt by association but as leader of the Rat Pack, the quintessential clique of the supercool 1950s, 60s and 70s, a conscious awareness of kitsch was the password to get into the club.

  2. Mark Blackwell

    this is great! i saw sinatra a couple times in new york – wish i could’ve caught this triple threat! did you come across this pass later, or did you actually get to see the show?

  3. rustyamo

    i did not see this show – i got this later on via ebay
    i did see sinatra and minnellu together at one point and they do work well together – i have a copy of this show – if you are interested in a copy let me know – i can dupe it for you