8 Responses to “Dachshund Ashtrays”

  1. Allee Willis

    Next to Poodles, Dachshunds are the national canines of Kitsch.

    I have a lot of Dachshund artifacts like a 2 foot long relish dish, the body of which is divided into separate dishes, a napkin holder, several ashtrays and the like. Yours are made of metal and are more formal than what I collect tho I love yours too. I confine my dogs to plastic and ceramic, the national molding materials of Kitsch.

    • Mark Milligan

      Denny that link reminded me for the first time-maybe middle school-of the snack hound I made in shop class, an unfortunate experience for the instructor. Now I wonder if my Mom still has it somewhere! She so wanted me to be a successful industrial artist, or take up a trade. Just couldn’t bring myself to color inside the lines on a consistent basis. Love these because we had a dachsund when I was a kid, and that dog was my constant companion. Cheers!