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Miss Candi, “Sweet City Woman” LP – organ music for Valentine’s Day (Valentine’s Day Contest Submission)

Submitted by denny February 13th, 2010
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Miss Candy is ready and waitin’ for ya’ll. Organ Music at it’s best.

8 Responses to “Miss Candi, “Sweet City Woman” LP – organ music for Valentine’s Day (Valentine’s Day Contest Submission)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Well, just about everything about this kills me. That fantastic church organ and then the way the music stand is just nailed into it cutting off some of the controls at the top of the keys. I suppose it’s because I’m a songwriter that I spotted the organ first but as my eyes drift left I see the astounding Candi and can’t help but nail a Love Is in the Hair Award to her.

    The long corkscrew curls echoing Candi’s long head provide the perfect frame to some of the best eye-shadow-matching-eyeballs make-up I’ve ever seen. Candi’s smile fits her head perfectly.

    And then there’s her astounding ice-skating outfit! One can never go wrong with sequins especially if one’s name is Candi.

    I love how much pink space the art director decided to devote to the words Candi, Sweet City Woman and the little stenciled hearts.

    Is this an album cover or is this a poster? It’s odd measurements for an LP cover. But no matter what it is, every single element is fantastic and coalesces into one beautiful whole Candi.

  2. denny

    Thanks for posting the video. I was really digging the bands outfits and couldn’t help wonder what became of the Stampeders. I remember this song…

  3. Howie Pyro

    welllllll……..if you had this actual album, you would know the best part about candi, which is she is blind…and my copy is autographed…IN BRAILLE!!! (yes, for real)