13 Responses to “Schnappsie – The Singing Dachsund original record”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love this cover! What I love most from a Kitsch perspective is that this is an LP and not only does Schnappsie sing he dances. Not sure how one is supposed to experience the latter given that this is an LP or how a 15 inch Schnappsie could be stuffed inside an 1/8 inch thick 12″x12″ LP cover but then again, if Schnappsie is “the only dog in the World with a Magic Button” perhaps he has other extraordinary talents I’m not aware of.

    I’m insane about Schnappsie’s little outfit. I too own a mini spy camera but it never looked as good around my neck as it does around Schnappsie’s.

    • nycgal

      The 15″ Schnappsie was a balloon with a picture of the character on it and cardboard cutout of “paws” w/ a hole in the center that you attached so when you threw it in the air it landed on it’s well… feet.

      I no longer remember what the story was about just that it was narrated by a woman.