14 Responses to “Dachsund Ceramic Planter”

  1. Allee Willis

    Dachshunds are the first runner-up in the National Kanine of Kitsch Pageant. Poodles have a decided advantage here as their fur is so ripe for topiary treatment. But the length of a dachshund’s body makes it extremely popular in the world of Kitsch ceramics as it’s so adaptable to things that need to extend long like condiment serving pieces, bookends, letter holders and the like.

    The colors are great as is the doggie’s stance. I love that the planter itself is so small that whatever you plant in it can’t possibly grow as tall as the dog.

  2. denny

    I own the planter but cannot take credit for the corks but it is cool. I started to save our corks as I want to make a lamp out of them….will keep the Kitschenette posted….

  3. wendy

    My mum (Shirlie) will add these to her profile tomorrow, so you will be able to see them soon! A word of warning though the dogs have no eyes – just sockets!