Ann-Margret Wall Hangin

Submitted by rustyamo February 16th, 2010
Certifikitsch WinnerClassique d Camembert

I dont know the origin of this material made wall hanging of Ann-Margret – I do remember seeing it in the early 80’s at a flea market in Brooklyn NY – then when we moved to LA I saw it in a gift shop in Universal Studios – but I obtained it about 5 – 6 years ago via ebay

The head is based on one of A-M’s celebrity posters she posed for in the early 80’s

6 Responses to “Ann-Margret Wall Hangin”

  1. Allee Willis

    If my eyes are seeing correctly and indeed this is worthy of the Classique D’ Camenbert that I think it is I can’t even breathe! But first I must confirm a few things: 1) What are the dimensions of this including depth? As I was typing this I counted the number of Venetian blinds and it seems fairly large. In case they’re just mini blinds it still seems like a hefty chunk o’ A-M. 2) Is it made out of fabric? 3) Is it stuffed? 4) Are the earrings fabric or beads? 5) Is the face airbrushed? 6) Is her dress made out of that stretchy sparkly but not real sparkles stretch disco material? And 7) what is it backed on?


  2. rustyamo

    it is 20 inches in length and from shoulder to shoulder it is 15 1/2 inches in widith – very little depth – flat – not even a inch in depth – and yes it hangs next to a window – so there are blinds in the photo – it is one of the first things you see when you walk in the room – it is made out of fabric – not sure what it is stuffed with and not willing to find out – – the earings are beads and dangling with the face airbrushed – not really big on fabrics so i couldnt tell you what the dress is made of but is is a sparkly rough material – and all of it is backed on cardboard

    i am so glad you like it – it is one of my favorite ann-margret items

    what exactly is a Classique D’ Camenbert ?????