5 Responses to “Tomato Ketchup Dispensers”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love, love, love these kinds of ketchup dispensers. We had one as a kid when I was growing up and it was impossible for me to eat my cheeseburgers which I loved more than life itself unless ketchup was squeezed from one of these big fat tomatoes.

    I have a lot of these myself but have never seen some of the colors you have here. Like that brown beefsteak one, the white or the pink.

    Looks like a bunch of these were made by the same manufacturer judging from the similar leafy nozzle caps. I will have to pick more of these up the next time any fall into my flea market path.

  2. wendy

    Even before I clicked into the ‘Tomato Ketchup Dispensers’ submission I somehow knew that these would be my Mum’s! I was just looking at them this morning all lined up above the doorway thinking that they need to go on here…..!

  3. shirlie williams

    Hi Denny… I have been having a look underneath and only one is an original, the faded red one on the left is marked underneath Mc Kesson Robbins Ltd, Universal House, Southwark Bridge, London, PLASTEX, S Africa. The rest are blank. I got them from Charity Shops ,the pink and white were from gift shops very cheap.
    I remember in the early 70’s having a Wimpy Bar in the town I lived in and every table had one..I should have filled my school bag with them!!!!
    In close up the original one has much finer leaf detail, the yellow one could be for mustard !!