10 Responses to “Eduardo Davidson “Le Chien” b/w “El Perro – The Dog” on the UA Latino Label”

  1. Allee Willis

    The only thing that should have been painted isn’t – the poodle! Eduardo looks otherworldly, as if his parents were from a Pixie nation.

    I love how Eduardo’s makeup matches his clothes. Not as great as the relationship between his eyebrows and bangs but impressive nonetheless.

    Then let’s discuss that Edwardo’s last name is Davidson. I would kill to see his Bar Mitzvah photos.

  2. Mark Blackwell

    i see a martin short character in here somewhere… i love that he’s put “the dog” in three languages to cover more territory… the dog, by the way, does not look all that pleased about what’s going on in either photo…

  3. shirlie williams

    You have to love a poodle, my gran had one called Pippy and she fed it sponge cake with evaporated milk and carried it everywhere !

  4. Douglas Wood

    The cover of this LP is so arresting and surrealistic I just had to investigate. It’s true– you can find ANYTHING on the Internet. So here’s the scoop on Eduardo Davidson (real name Claudio Cuza):

    Described as a Latin Quentin Crisp, Eduardo Davidson was born in Cuba in 1929 and died in 1994 at the age of 65. He played the role of a flamboyant gay in a Mexican comedy, “Sonar No Cuesta Nada, ‘Joven” (which apparently is available at Amazon on DVD!) then went on to create the “Pachanga” style of music. He defected to the USA in 1961 and continued to produce music.

    I got the above info from the following blog: