6 Responses to “my lovely Italian lady lamp”

  1. Allee Willis

    What’s a car boot sale? Is that someone selling stuff out of the trunk of their car? Translation for the Americano, please!

    Lamp is great. What kind of a shade does it have on it and what’s the base like? Can you see her feet? Is she barefoot? And, the all-important question, what’s the shade like?

    I wish there were light shooting out of that pot.

  2. shirlie williams

    She has no lamp, Im at a loss as to what sort of lamp she would have had.She is wrapped in the loft at the moment as I had to make room for Xmas stuff.I don’t think she has feet just her big skirt.
    A car boot is like a garage sale but in a field.You have to get their really early ie 4am and the dealers can ransack your stuff before you have even unpacked it. They are all over the country at weekends,although some sell a lot of food and plants it a rich hunting ground. Do you have Jumble sales ? these are held in village halls and things are so cheap , we have them in the town and you all queue and make a mad dash for the bric a brac…no dignity in this lol !

    • Allee Willis

      We have those sales – called garage sales, tag sales and flea markets. But nothing is cheap anymore. Very few serious bargains to be found since eBay has alerted everyone that there is actual value on what was before considered toss outs.

    • Nessa

      We have flea markets that are in fields like this, they are my favorites… like you said to get the good bargains you should be there by 6am…. a jumble sale sounds like a flea market too, in some cases.. “flea market” I guess can cover a variety of types of sales around here. Generally speaking, I’d say country and rural type sales are way cheaper than citified ones, I find the best deals in the middle of nowhere where people just have piles of junk in the back of their truck or spilling out of their 1970s van or whatever.

  3. shirlie williams

    Im going to clear my loft in the spring ,I wonder what treasures I have that I have forgotten about !!!!
    We have flea markets but they are very expensive..I got my Tretchikoff framed picture for £3 in a house sale in a village hall lasy year what a bargain ,I ran off after I paid for it incase they changed their minds..